Hello, I am Olivier !

I studied in the field of applied arts and then multimedia creation. I discovered the world of graphic design, web and video. I loved the variety of projects and the knowledge I gained along the way and in my experiences.

I began my studies in this field with the goal of working in animation, but as I progressed through college I became interested in multiple fields, including graphic design. During my experiences I worked on print, web and branding projects, but I felt a real preference for web projects, especially interfaces.

Now I want to evolve and specialise in the field of user experience, to have fun in a job that allows me to create, simplify people's lives and understand them better.

What I do on my spare time...

Culture and art 🏛️

I love exhibitions and museums to discover artists and their universe and try to understand what they want to convey to us through their works. Painting, drawing, architecture, photography, video, graphic design... I am open to and love all forms of artistic expression!

Books and comics 📖

Reading is an activity that is particularly close to my heart! I love to immerse myself in fantasy and science fiction stories and worlds. My favorite literary saga is “His Dark Materials”! Growing up in the 90's, comics like Tintin and superhero comics had a huge influence on me.

Video games 🎮

I spend a lot of my free time playing video games. I enjoy solo games with universes and stories that make me dream, as well as multiplayer games with my friends, like Overwatch and Among Us. The license that has impressed me the most is the "space opera" license Mass Effect because of its story and the richness of its universe!

Spend time with my friends 🎲

My loved ones are very important to me and spending time with them is essential. Discussing different topics, laughing, having a drink or a game night. There is nothing like a Uno or Gartic Phone night with friends to have a good time!